Untitled (video installation), 2022

Video Installation

Three-channel video

My video installation transposes the moiré effect from the print to the sound and video media space, investigating its spatial experience and representation.

The work continues my explorations with the moiré effect, juxtapositions, and interference between random and rational. Setting up an installation that affects the whole area around it invites the viewer physically among the work to fully embrace it. Using neon colours in the swirling effects with a pulsing change in the rotation is designed to disorient the viewer.

The use of the Finnish language in the soundtrack is intended to replicate my experience of alienation for the non-Finnish-speaking viewer. The words selected for the work create a cycle that starts with positive connotations transforming quickly into chaos, resembling interference and distortion. By mirroring anxiety and anticipation of the unknown and creating confusion for the viewer, the work engenders a greater understanding of the experience and impact of isolation.

The words used in the work in order of appearance: koti (home), rakkaus (love), ystävyys (friendship), perhe (family), etäisyys (distance), muistot (memories), ikävä (longing), ulkopuolisuus (outsiderness), eristyneisyys (isolation), vahvuus (strength), heikkous (weakness), voimattomuus (powerlessness), hukassa (lost), menetys (loss).

Note: The sound in the video is designed for a low-frequency range to be played with a subwoofer. A headset, earbuds, or a speaker capable of low frequencies is required to experience it fully.