Where the Ocean is the Sky I, 2022

Mixed media installation

Sound, screen print, acrylic, metal, water

Where the Ocean is the Sky I is an artwork exploring personal space and memory using the moiré effect with sound, light and shadow. The formed patterns utilize the moiré effect in creating a multi-faceted display of performance, sculpture, and installation. The artwork interacts with objects and space, creating blurred boundaries between the artwork and the viewer.

A core visual element of the work is the moiré effect, image interference between two or more superimposing patterns or grids at different angles that clash, creating a wavy interference pattern. The work explores overlapping sound wave patterns in different forms created from words related to the subject matter in my native Finnish language. By altering the frequencies, I have created a soundtrack that recreates digitally formed soundwaves, reflected back to their natural form on the surface of the water. A custom-made sound pool will trigger the sound visible by generating physical, visible waves in response to sonic sound waves.

The overlapping lines speak about human complexity with emotions, chaos and beauty. The parallels between one thing and another and the paradox of more than one thing being true simultaneously (i.e. two places feeling like home or joy and sadness at the same time). As in real life – there is not just one emotion felt at once but a mixture of parallel emotions.

The words used in the work in order of appearance: koti (home), rakkaus (love), ystävyys (friendship), perhe (family), etäisyys (distance), muistot (memories), ikävä (longing), ulkopuolisuus (outsiderness), eristyneisyys (isolation), vahvuus (strength), heikkous (weakness), voimattomuus (powerlessness), hukassa (lost), menetys (loss).

Note: The sound in the video is designed for a low-frequency range to be played with a subwoofer. A headset, earbuds or a speaker capable of low frequencies is required to experience it fully.